This stage of my kit review covers sketchbooks, and more to the point , as I’m compiling packing lists for the summer, what will fit into my National Express baggage allowance!
I’ll try to keep it simple, and plan to include two hardbacked spiral 12″ x 12″ Seawhite display books…hardwearing and delicious to work on…one black and one containing brown Kraft paper…
I do have bigger ones, but the size I quote fits well into my sketching backpack!

I’m particularly fond of this range of sketchbooks, as the paper is very good quality, so is lovely to work on, and an added bonus is the extra – stout covers and hard working spiral binding, which together dispense with the need for a drawing board altogether!

IMG_0528. 11th June sketching the sketchers - birmingham JPGIMG_9977 MacLeods Tables from Berneray
I then plan to make some concertina books…/making-concertina-sketchbook…
from lightweight NOT watercolour paper, lovely to draw and paint on….probably around 12″ x 12″ in size, so that I can use them in conjunction with large bulldog clips , with my Seawhite pads as backing!
This is a bigger size than shown in the link, but as ever, I’m experimenting!
There will of course be several pocket sketchbooks, especially my favourite Hahnemuhle “Sketch and Note” A6 cartridge booklets (lovely quality paper) , and a Strathmore Toned Gray A5 hardback, which is very handy!
I also mustn’t forget a pot of Daler/Rowney ‘opaque white’ watercolour, which I find SO useful when sketching!


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