Mechanical Pencils

I like mechanical pencils, finding them particularly handy when sketching , as there’s no frantic scrabbling for a penknife in the heat of the moment…useful too from the security check angle too, come to think of it!

One has a lovely fat soft lead in it, which lasts for ever!



Pens (part 4)

Together with this section of course should be included a reference to ink, and trying to find suitable inks for fountain pen sketching can be a salutary experience…fortunately I belong to the excellent Facebook group “Fountain Pen Sketchers” , so got lots of feedback when forced to try and get an emergency supply of  black ink!  I KNEW already that one should NEVER put the wrong kind of ink in a fountain pen, so was ready to make do for a while with dip pens, but the following amount of info was great!

I’ll also include here a reference to the travel ink bottles I use…

These bottles are ultra-reliable, but for ink I would recommend that you choose examples which have a good stable base, like this one!



Pens (part 3)

It’s ALWAYS  a good idea to try out a new fountain pen if you possibly can before buying…I couldn’t believe it when I found this excellent workhorse at my local stationers!

My Confucius Fude is another case in point…I already knew that this would be a heavier pen, and this one takes ‘newbies’ quite by  surprise with it’s unusual weight…..but I wouldn’t be without it now!