More , Please, Mum?

More please, mum small

More sheep in the quiet of the early morning outside the hostel on Berneray.

TITLE “More Please, Mum?” Gouache Cameo. c. Jo Morton 2014
ORIGINAL FOR SALE . Passing Place Gallery, Berneray, North Uist. Overall size (including frame) 27.5 cms x 23 cms . Price £90 (mounted and framed)
PRINTS This image can be supplied as Limited Edition Prints (20 x), numbered and signed by the artist. Your print can be enlarged to any size you require, but remember to allow for mount and frame margins . Prints can be supplied unmounted, mounted or framed. Various papers are available , or images can even be printed on canvas if preferred. Price from £20. (For Custom sizes p.o.a. ). Please contact the artist for more information.
POSTCARDS Yes. Size: Standard Size. Price: 50p ea. Please note that the retail price as quoted applies when cards are obtained directly from the artist. Prices from other suppliers may vary.

CUSTOM PRINTED GREETINGS CARDS This image can be specially printed for YOU as a short run of cards , featuring YOUR OWN TEXT. No order too small. p.o.a. Please contact the artist for further information.


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