Old Farmhouse, Balephetrish

Old farmhouse Balephetrish

I was pleased with this image when I had finished it, as I was experimenting with my gouache paints on small postcard sized watercolour paper glued blocks, seeing if I could evoke a brief ‘Cameo’, hopefully conveying something of the simplicity of life ‘on the edge’ as I find it when I visit the Western Isles.

My plan was to develop a technique whereby I could work quite quickly to record my ideas for representing the unique atmosphere of the island. My painting style has always been quite calligraphic, so once I had worked out a well balanced composition, featuring mainly the rooftops and the glistening asphalt road, then one or two washes, using the gouache paint like watercolour this time, plus a few quick strokes of stronger colour in thicker paint, produced the result I wanted!

All images on this website can be purchased as prints, and most are also available as cards.
My shop is currently under construction, so please contact me, the artist, directly with any enquiries. I’ll be more than happy to help with anything you want to know!

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