Over The Sea Wall

over the sea wall walesThe challenge that summer was to paint a scene ‘a plein air’ as an entry for a competition run by The Artist magazine. It was to be painted on a piece of Langton 100% cotton watercolour paper, just the size of a standard postcard ! Temporarily without a permanent studio base , I knew that I needed a serious challenge, for artists, just like ballet dancers or musicians, must never stop practising their art. Even if I just get out my little pocket moleskine and jot down the briefest of sketches on a reasonably regular basis, I find that my skill and perception increases imperceptably in breadth and depth. In fact, my practice is changing even now as I write, as many of the resulting images are in demand! so a tiny watercolour pad, glued if possible at the edges for protection, is added to my mini-kit. My ‘reporters’ notebook is now reserved for notes and colour analysis . Lots of people find these notes fascinating to look through, but they’re only for everyday reference purposes, and not for sale!

So here I was, with a competition deadline looming, glancing over the sea wall early one bright, crisp autumn morning at Harbour Station, Porthmadog, North Wales, while volunteering on the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railway. What a wonderful view, and combined with towering clouds, the harbourside reflected in sparkling water, and the ebbing tide , I knew I had the perfect subject! Catching the first bus early the next morning, I was lucky enough to be rewarded with the same perfect weather conditions and was now armed with paints & paper!

So, with the light, clouds and tide level changing all the time, paint tubes, pencils and brushes scattered as I raced to capture the essence of the scene before me. What a day! With the enticing scents and sounds of a busy steam railway at my back, rich autumn sunshine glinting on the ebb tide, huge clouds towering above, and the breeze in my hair, what more could I wish for!

My efforts were well rewarded, as I was told my entry had won a prize, and two glued watercolour pads arrived in the post a little while later!


All images on this website can be purchased as prints, and most are also available as cards.
My shop is currently under construction, so please contact me, the artist, directly with any enquiries. I’ll be more than happy to help with anything you want to know!

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